Social life

 The Czech Republic is a country full of art and cultural events. In addition to all kinds of music concerts, there are also many cultural activities that you can easily go and enjoy. Tourist information centers have a generous knowledge of the sites to visit and include cultural details such as local library, theater, music, art, exhibitions and places to visit. In order to evaluate your leisure time and to make your educational exhaustion a little better, you can visit these sites and find suitable activities for yourself.

Czech Food & Beverage 

Everyone in the Czech kitchen will find some dishes to love. Potato soup, traditional fried meats with meatballs and cabbage pickles, fruit-filled apples can be strudy.

Czech Holiday and Traditions 

February 2: Hromnik Similar to Groundhog Day

Hromnice roughly marks the middle of the winter and is associated with dozens of proverbs and predictions about the weather.

March 19: St. Joseph’s Day

Josef is one of the most common Czech names and sparks annual celebrations around the country.


Learn about Czech Easter traditions, symbols and the annual Easter celebrations in Prague.

April 30: Burning the Witches

This bizarre Czech tradition, which finally says goodbye to winter, can be seen in many Czech villages.

May 1: Love Day

May 1, a day dedicated to lovers and Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha.

July 5

Slav Missionary Day Cyril and Methodius Day

July 6

Mention John Huss “July holidays” honors the three important names of Czech history.

November 2:

The Day of All Souls The Czechs are visiting the cemeteries to remember and respect their loved ones.

December 5:

Saint Nicholas’ Tradition St. Nicholas Day is an exciting holiday for children, reminding us that Christmas is not far away.

December 24-26:

Christmas Learn about Czech Christmas traditions and superstitions, see how celebrations are celebrated in Prague, and learn how to write your own Christmas card with Czech.


Health and Insurance

You can make “Travel and Health Insurance” in Turkey in your short term trainings. However, with the long term visa you will have to have a Czech insurance company to insure that your check will be valid for the period of your stay. When you go to get your long term visa, the Embassy wants you to come with this insurance. Our school is helping all our students in making insurance. The fee for this insurance is approximately EUR 310.

Currency and Currencies

Although the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, it still uses its own currency, the “Czech Koruna”.  If you want to change the currency, it will be the smartest way to change the exchange rates in the cities. Banks always break down your debts. However, when you are going to spoil your currency in foreign currency, we strongly recommend that you check that you do not take “commission” before you change your money. Some foreign exchange bureaus receive commissions of up to 25% and they do not cancel the transaction without checking it. We advise you to be careful not to fall into a situation you do not want and to suffer money loss. Besides, we strongly warn you that you should not count on anyone who would offer to exchange money on the street.