Private pilot license – PPL(A)

Private pilot license is a first step for those, who want to learn how to fly a “grown-up” airplane and use it not only for his/her amusement but also for private or business travelling. You can make full use of our airplanes certified as VLA (Very Light Aircraft). The high performance and very good price are their strongest bright sides.


PPL is the first license, with almost worldwide validity. The holder of this license may perform function of pilot in command on any airplane used for non-commercial flights. You can apply for additional qualifications and so extend the rights of the license – you can learn to fly for example at night, with reference to instruments (in clouds or at low visibility) or fly multiengine airplanes. PPL is simultaneously the first step for those aviation fans, who would like to make their living as professional pilots.


  • The minimum age is 16
  • Applicant must hold valid II. class medical certificate or higher

After meeting entrance requirements you can commence the training course. It consists of theoretical and practical training.


Before commencing practical flying, student must gain theoretical basics including air law, general knowledge of airplane, human limitations, flight basics and communication. Other part of theory education proceeds during practical training and is aimed especially at general navigation, meteorology and preparation for final pilot examination. It takes about 8-10 days to complete the theory education, depending on your time and of course on time, that you devote to self-study at home.


Practice flying comprises 45 flight hours. TECNAM P2008JC (40 hours) certified in VLA category and simulator FNPT II (5 hours) are used for this training. You will learn to fly safely not only at home base in Benešov, but also to land on other airports, you will complete cross-country flight with two touch-and-goes in length of at least 270 km and 10 hours of solo flights under supervision. At the end of your course you will have knowledge and experience, that will enable you to fly to busy international airports, and if you get qualification for aviation English, you may even fly abroad.

Length of practical training can be described as c. 20 flight days. Flight day means for our client a day, when he/she can visit our school for 3-4 hours (pre-flight briefing, 1-3 flight hours, de-briefing) and when there are satisfactory meteorological conditions. In case of very intensive attendance it is possible to complete the whole course within one month, average length of course is most often 4-6 months.




A student may complete the examination of theoretical knowledge during the practical training. This examination is carried out in the form of written tests in nine subjects at Civil Aviation Authority in Prague. Student must correctly answer at least 75% of all questions to be evaluated as successful and complete all tests within 12 months.


After successful completion of the theoretical examination and completion of the training, a student undergoes a practical exam in flight skills in length of c. 1,5 flight hours. It consists of pilot’s techniques tasks and navigational cross-country flight. After completion of the examination, student gets Private pilot license with international validity.

For holders of valid license for helicopters, ultralights with fixed wings and aerodynamic controls in all three axis, further for gliders and tourist motor gliders may be counted up to 10% of total flight time as pilot-in-command function of such an aircraft, maximum, however, 10 hours to total amount of flight hours required for PPL(A). Minimum training flight time may be reduced to 20 training hours with instructor and 10 hours of solo flights.