Night Rating – NIGHT VFR

Night flying qualification enables the holder to fly at night with ground reference, that is VFR (Visual Flight Rules).


The NIGHT training is aimed at encompassment of higher pilot’s techniques, especially psychological  load on pilot caused by restricted visibility of ground, horizon eventually other reference points, which makes difficult to orient in space. Distance, bank, altitude, angular speeds and air speed estimation is more difficult. Illusions may arise. Operation of switches and leavers in cockpit is also more difficult. Speed estimation is not accurate during taxi. Except for taxiing, take-off and landing is pilot’s techniques similar to flight with instrument reference. Pilot is, however, obliged to control his/her position in space and position with reference to other airplanes so that the visual flight rules are abided – VFR.
NIGHT is also fundamental condition to commence Instrument rating – IR(A) training and for commercial pilot license – CPL(A)


  • Valid PPL(A) license
  • Applicant must hold valid II. class medical certificate or higher

fter meeting entrance requirements you can commence the training course. It consists of theoretical and practical training.

  • 1 hour of theory
  • 5 hours of practical training


Number of hours in not specified, it is generally 1-2 days consultation with an instructor


5 flight hours of practical training on Tecnam P2008JC, P2010, Cessna C172SP, C150 or Piper PA28. Training contents circuit flights and area flights to rehearse pilot’s techniques including five solo flights and one hour navigational cross-country flight.


Neither theoretical nor practical examination is required, qualification is recorded to the student’s license after completing the course.