Flight School



F AIR, the number one in Czech flight education, trains all kinds of people to become safe pilots. We train both applicants, who want to travel with own or rented airplane to work or recreation or simply to safe longing to fly an airplane, and those, who have higher goals - to become a pilot of an airliner. Simply ...


F AIR has become 1st private flight school in Czech Republic at the beginning of 1990s. In the year 2000 was also the first to meet requirements of European Joint Aviation Rules JAR-FCL 1 and so became international flight school CZ/FTO-001. In 2014 F AIR met requirements of Part-FCL and became CZ/ATO-001.

  • Our school uses latest methodology and programmes for pilot training
  • We employ only experienced instructors, most of whom are pilots of airliners
  • Our flight school has modern premises, which form outstanding conditions not only for pilots in training, but also for pilots, who come to rent our airplanes.