The P92 Echo Classic is a two-seat, single strut braced high wing aircraft.

The P92 Echo Classic was designed and manufactured according to the international airworthiness standards. This has been accomplished by one of the most renowned European Designers in the general aviation field, with the aid of modern planning instruments.

The P92’s performance and flying qualities are so superior that it compares to aircraft certified under FAR/CS 23.

The excellent flying characteristic with neutral handling makes it extremely stable and easy to fly for people of any weight/height.

The large flaps are deployed electrically. The low stall speed and the general slow flying characteristics of the aircraft allow it to operate with ease on short runways.


  • rugged construction that can withstand rougher handling
  • excellent flight characteristics
  • high stability and maneuverability while
  • managed directly by the nose wheel
  • parking brake
  • excellent visibility
  • Ideal for training in flying schools
  • High comfort for air tourism allows towing gliders and dropping paratroopers
  • Cruising speed: 185 km / hr.
  • Range: 750 km


  • The Tecnam line employs a monocoque construction style using sheet aluminium over steel tubing.
  • The wing is all aluminium and constructed in a conventional way with a single spar and metal torsion box.
  • The airfoil is a Gottinga 398 modified for better low speed handling characteristics.
  • The fuel tanks hold 11.9 gal/45 lt in each wing and are located in the leading edge separated from the fuselage for safety.
  • A rear window completes the extraordinary visibility allowing 360° of vision in the cockpit.
  • The stabilator provides remarkable longitudinal hands-off stability along with minimum drag and weight penalty providing balanced, 2 finger, flight control.
  • The wide flaps, electrically activated, allow stall speed lower than 33 Kts.
  • The Echo Classic has 35 degrees of flaps making steep approach landings easier.