To design the P2002 Sierra Tecnam has made use of the most advanced systems of 3D design, fluid dynamics and structural analysis, resulting in one of the best two-seater low wing aircraft in its category. Tapered laminar flow wing, sloned flaps, up turned wing tips and a streamlined fuselage give to the P2002 superlative performance, a complete harmony of controls and style.

The resulting product is a symphony of aerodynamic and structure effectiveness with graceful, fluid flight. Designed with the pilot in mind, this aircraft will delight even the most discerning pilot while still keeping the inexperienced pilot safe and comfortable.

The sliding canopy allows 360° of vision from the cockpit. This can be opened in flight up to 70 knots.

The all moving Stabilator is fined with a trim tab controlled by bunons on the control column.

The excellent flying characteristic with neutral handling makes it extremely stable and easy to fly for people of any weight/height.

The ailerons are effective in allowing for a quick roll rate without being overly sensitive. All control surfaces are made out of aluminium. The canopy has full rollover protection.