The P2002-JF is a two-seater side by side, low wing aircraft. The JF P2002 features superlative performance and flying qualities, now confirmed by hundreds of P2002 ultralights sold throughout the world. The ease of piloting and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for training in flight schools but also an ideal platform for surveillance and patrolling territory as well as, of course, for pure recreational use. The option to use AVGAS 100LL or unleaded MOGAS ASTM D4814-EN/228 SUPER make this airplane even more flexible and economical.

The P2002-JF represents the latest development of the Tecnam aircraft as result of the aircraft continuous improvement, the use of advanced software for design, the structural and fluidynamics analysis. Thanks to the tapered laminar flow airfoil and the sloned flaps the P2002 an outstanding aircraft, with the perfect mix of aerodynamic and structural efficiency.

There are many flying schools in Europe and in the rest of the world that rely on P2002JF (certified according to the CS-VLA) for students training, even up to ATPL level.