Piper PA-28-181 Archer


Piper 28-181 Archer II is metal construction, single engine airplane. Belongs together with Warrior and Arrow to basic training category manufactured by Piper. Airplane is designed for VFR day, VFR night, IFR day, IFR night conditions. Airplane may be operated in conditions without known icing. It is perfect for pilot training at flight schools popular for flight trips.



  • Simple airplane because of fixed gear and propeller
  • Designed for up to 3 passengers and one pilot.
  • Equipped with satellite navigation
  • Cruise speed 237 km/hour
  • Range 967 km


Technical specs:


Piper 28-181 Archer II is equipped with multifunctional Garmin (satellite navigation, communication, radio-navigation) based avionics. It is perfect for IR instrument rating training because of its simple piloting. Warrior III is propelled by one four cylinder engine of 180 horse power at 2600 RPM. Airplane is constructed with fixed gear. Engine consumes AVGAS 100 fuel, which is stored in fuel tanks 2 x 48 GAL.