Cessna C-172 SP G1000


Cessna 172 SP G 1000 is four-seater, single eingine, metal high-wing airplane.

Airplane is designed for VFR day/night and IFR  conditions. Cessna 172 SP excels with extraordinary flight performances, piloting simplicity and especially with high safety flight standard. For these reasons it became one of the most wide-spread airplane in the whole world.



Simple piloting

High safety flight standard

Spacious cabin

May be operated on short, unreinforced runways

Designed for up to 3 passengers and one pilot

Equipped with satellite navigation

Cruise speed 180 km/hour

Range 800 km


Technical specs:


Cessna 172 SP is propelled by one four cylinder engine Lycoming of 180 horse power. It is normally equipped with basic avionics including transponder enabling flights to controlled zones. Engine consumes AVGAS 100.