Commercial pilot license – CPL(A)

Module training type for commercial pilot is dedicated to the customers, who cannot undergo the integrated training, which is part of study at the CVUT and still they want to become professional pilots. This module course concurs to basic private pilot license (PPL) and NIGHT qualification.

If you undergo other “modules” – i.e. courses for instrument rating (single engine airplanes), multi-engine qualification, instrument rating (multi-engine airplanes), you will meet almost all conditions of air law to approach your dreamed goal -to be a professional pilot of large airliners.

Those, who want to continue in their professional growth, may apply for theoretical and practical ATPL(A) examinations after they have reached 1.500 hours of flight experience (commonly already as a co-pilot in air transportation). Air transport pilot license ATPL(A) is the main condition to become a captain of an airliner.


Applicant for commercial pilot license must hold license PPL(A) and his/her must have at least 150 hours of total flight time. Pilot must hold valid I. class medical certificate..

After meeting entrance requirements you can commence the training course. It consists of theoretical and practical training.



The applicant must complete certified course of theoretical education CPL(A).


25 flight hours, from that 20 hours on single engine piston aircraft and 5 hours on complex aircraft for four persons with retractable undercarriage and constant speed propeller.


Holders of Instrument rating (IR) have shortened practical training to 15 hours (10 hours on singe engine piston aircraft and 5 hours on complex aircraft).