Training is one of the most important issues for our future pilot and pilot candidates. Our school is offering our candidates with the “Pilot Club” located in the airport area and an additional facility allowing accommodation for a higher number of candidates only ten minutes from the airport to help all candidates. Pilot and pilot candidates can get accommodation and three meals at this facility. You can contact us for prices. The service fee is directly related to the school and the payments are made personally to the accounting department of the school. If it is decided to attend and become a member of one of our school trainings, it is extremely important to inform the school in advance and ask to make a reservation after checking the availability.However, If some of our pilots and pilot students want to stay at another facility in the vicinity of the school rather than at the school premises, we would like to know that our school will be able to give you all kinds of information about the hotels and prices they are contracted with. For our friends who have such a preference, our school provides a free shuttle service to / from the hotel.