Who is TÜRK Aviation?

Turkish Aviation S.R.O.” aviation company was founded in 2016 by the Instructor Pilot İsmail KEREMOĞLU in the Czech Republic. İsmail Keremoğlu has set out with the purpose of showing the right way for young people to take the first step to aviation with 32 years of aviation experience and knowledge while establishing this company.

The aim of “Türk Aviation s.r.o.“is to provide high quality and safe flight training to pilot pilots of all ages who are seeking pilotage training but who have not had the opportunity to do so in Turkey or who prefer to study abroad directly to obtain an EASA license. For this purpose, his company has entered into an educational agreement and solidarity with the facilities and flight training that have been offered since 1990, with “F-Air“, the first, largest and highest quality flight school of both Czech Republic and Central Europe.